Coolight Company

 COOLIGHT  was founded in 2006 and set factory in 2008.  We are a manufacturer specialized in interior commercial LED lighting products, including LED strip light, LED down light, LED panel light etc.

We designed and developed NTO LED light module products for cabinet lighting, kitchen lighting, shelf lighting and creative lighting application. The trade mark “NOTOLED” take the meaning of “NTO LED panel module looks like OLED lighting, but this is not OLED, it is better than OLED”, and  NTO light module subsite was built as www.notoled.com. Several utility model patents for NTO light module are on pending.

From Q2, 2016, Coolight updated the NTO mini LED panels to high color rending CRI>90 (90-95) versions.

Coolight 103 employees will keep providing creative products, stable quality, fast delivery and professional service to you.

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