Creative lighting application100mm Quarter Annulus NTO light module100mm-triangle NTO light module100mm square NTO LED module200x100mm NTO LED panel module
Looks like OLED lighting module?
5mm thickness CRI>90 NTO LED panel module. This is not OLED light module!
Unlimited creative space for you
Including the advantage of OLED lighting module, CRI 90-95 NTO LED light module give more efficiency and longer lifetime for your creative lighting design.
NTO-07 100mm Quarter Annulus NTO LED light module
Use it in groups, NEW high CRI lighting elements for your lighting design projects.
NTO-01 100mm side Triangle NTO LED light module
Indispensable high color rending performance element for interesting matrix triangle.
NTO-03 100x100mm square NTO light module
12V DC input, 3watt, CRi>90, ideal choice for kitchen lighting, cabinet lighting, internal step lighting application.
NTO-06 200x100mm NTO LED light module
Rectangle shape, 6watt power consumption, CRI>90 3000K, 4000K, 6000K color temperature optional.
NTO-09 300x100mm Rectagle NTO light module
CRI 90-95, power 9watt, ideal for cabinet, kitchen, wardrobe, shelf and decorative lighting.


The light module you love and your customer loves.

This is not OLED lighting!

Based on 7 years experience in laser engraving LGP(light guide plate) design and manufacturing, in 2014 Coolight released 5.0mm thickness CRI>90 NTO mini LED panel series and got a lot of attention.

Thinner than thinner, this is not OLED light panel!

In the Hongkong International Lighting Fair (27th-30th, October, 2016), Coolight showed the CRI>90 NTO mini LED light panels. 

coolight in HK light fair-6




Spectrum comparison between Coolight CRI 90-95 NTO LED light panel and OLED lighting panel



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Coolight LED lighting website: http://www.coolightled.com/
Coolight NTO light module website: http://www.notoled.com/
Coolight Flexible LED strip website: http://www.ledatob.com/


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