Second Generation Series CRI>90 NTO Mini LED Panel Lights

When we sell the standard series NTO mini LED panel products, we got some feedback from our customers, they want us to make

1. stronger screws to fix on wall, ceiling and metal frame during installation,

2. more longer size on mini LED panel dimension,

3. much stronger body for more potential power

So we developed the Second Generation series NTO mini LED panel products based on the Standard Series products.

the second generation NTO mini led panels

whole family


This CRI>90 series products includes 8 size products, 3W NTO-93 117x126mm, 6W NTO-96 117x226mm, 9W NTO-99 117x326mm, 14W NTO-14 117x450mm, 18W NTO-18 117x600mm, 24W NTO-24 117x800mm, 27W NTO-27 117x900mm, 36W NTO-36 117x1200mm.


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