Coolight experienced R&D department team have 8 persons:

2 engineers for LED lighting and LED driver design;
2 as normal electronic engineer;
1 engineer special for mechanical and heat management design;
1 engineer for packaging design;
1 assistant engineer for laboratory testing;
1 engineering clerk.

What our R&D can do?

1.Mechanical design

Mechanical design-1 (Small)

Mechanical design-2 (Small)

2.Heat management design

Heat management design-1 (Small)

Heat management design-2 (Small)

3.LED driver design

LED driver design-1 (Small)

LED driver design-2 (Small)

4.Packaging design

Packaging design-2 (Small)

Packaging design-3 (Small)

5.DIALUX lighting design simulation

DIALUX lighting design-1 (Small)

DIALUX lighting design-2 (Small)

DIALUX lighting design-4 (Small)